Handlebar Events

Lusto and Drew’s Kentucky Derby Chaos VIII

Saturday at 3 PM – 8 PM

If you’ve been paying attention you’ve noticed that all parties these days have a theme, and its likely costume related – but how often do you really get the chance to rightly dress up and go to a proper party? Weddings? Bar mitzvahs? Parole hearings? Funerals? Sure, those are times when you get to do that – but what if there was another day? What if there was a party you could go to where you didn’t have to bring a gift, or pretend to know the deceased? A place where you could wear your equine related garments with pride – not judgy looks, like on Valentine’s Day – wouldn’t that be special?Well, my friend, you’ve read the right Facebook invite. On May 6 th the Mint Julips will be flowing like the Rio Grande, and like those parole hearings, gambling isn’t just offered – it’s encouraged!Come on out The Handlebar for what’s been called the “Greatest Kentucky Derby Party South of Des Moines,” by the writers of Austin Social Scene. Major awards will be presented in the following categories – Best Dressed Lady, Best Hat, and Best Dressed Gentleman.Feel free to bring a friend – but always be ready to make new friends. Who knows who you’ll meet at the social event of the season – a business contact, a lover, or even a Western Virginian.